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Sometimes I want to just walk up to someone and say "Hi, how are you? Lovely weather, just exquisite rain we're having. Do we have homework in composition? And by the way, I'm queer."
I wouldn't even stop to see thier reaction, just walk away.
I had a dream last night that Oasis was a lunch table and this girl just walked up and started hitting on me. She was ridiculously hot but I just sat there and bit my lip like I always do.
There's a boy at my school who's following me. A lot. I've taken to walking behind him so that I can go whichever direction he isn't. For some reason seeing him show up to volunteer and my theatre makes me really angry, like he's invading my special place. I want to drive hiim out, make him leave me alone! It's driving me crazy. I detests him so much, even if his only crime is a helpless crush. One of the directors at the theatre thought he was really into acting and suggested we put him on our Board, and I snapped. I told him that the boy was just following me, and then one of the execs kept wiggling her eyeborws at me afterward. Another time I would have loved to scream "There's nothing going on there people! I'm queer! Nothing will ever happen!"
Same thing when my theatre class was discussing Freud's theories. My scene partner told me that I would "marry a guy just like your dad." I said "That's extremely unlikely," and smiled, but everyone thought I was just saying I didn't like my dad, which isn't what I meant. I wanted to slap him and say "dude, you're gay. You of all people should not assume I'm going to marry a guy."
I know my anger is misdirected but I think I am going to burst soon, and Lord only knows what will happen then.


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Oasis a lunch table, huh?

Oasis a lunch table, huh? That would be really cool, actually. The most fabulous lunch table in the whole school.

When you first joined this site you mentioned bisexuality. Is this no longer the case? Are you a flaming, 100% lezbo?

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never thought of it that way. Pretty much though.

The ducks will get you!