Bad News

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So i came out to my mom after 9 years and she basically said that im in denial and i need to get help. Everyday she acts like nothings wrong. Its like she lives in this little bubble and everything that changes her plan or doesnt make our family look perfect its wrong. And she thinks that im pushing the fact that im gay in her face. And im not. She tries to buy my silence with gifts . But i wont put up with it. She says that im going against everything shes ever told me, and that my life choice effects her and me. I feel like the most unhappy 18 year old in the world and i know that millions of people have it worse then me but why do i feel so bad. I cant change who i am and how i feel.... Its not my fault!


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well, you're right. You

well, you're right. You can't change who you are and it's not your fault. I'm here if you want to chat :)

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Sounds like you're out of the closet and your Mom is in one now.

So, you just get to live your life and wait for her to catch up, really. There's really no way to make her embrace reality on any sort of timeframe.

But I wouldn't let her issues get in the way of you doing whatever you want now. You took a path to get to the point where you are comfortable and accepting of yourself and ready to live your life honestly.

So get to it!

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am." - Brandon Lacy Campos