Being Thankful

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The last few weeks have been hard for me, dealing with the loss of my Grandpa and just trying to cope with that. My family's been great, just being there for me me and putting up with my emotional wreckedness. I'm going to try to write on here more often and not worry so much about trying to write the perfect thing each time.

At Thanksgiving dinner we prayed together as a family and my Grandma thanked me for bringing her family together, and said my willingness to reach out and accept a total stranger was a brave thing to do.

I just did what I thought was the right thing to do.

I have lots to be thankful about. Many of my friends and classmates live with just their Mom, I have a Mom and TWO DADS!

I have an AWESOME boyfriend that I know is there for me no matter what.

I go to a great (and expensive) school where I don't have to be afraid to walk down the halls between classes or to use the restroom. Or fear being called "stupid' or "retard".

I'm thankful to be a part of Oasis, the one place where I can be publicly open about my boyfriend.

Here I can be myself.

For that I'm very thankful.



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I'm thankful for a lot of things, too.

Also, why would you be afraid of walking around the hall? I go to a pretty shitty school, and I have never been the victim of an verbal assault on my precious intelligence.

Oh, and this journal is a few days late.

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I know it's late, just had a bunch of stuff going on that kept me from posting on here.

I use to go to what I think was an even shittier school and I was constantly picked on for whatever reason, either it was my hair, being fat, the way I talked, or they way I walked...or just being a special ed kid. It really sucked!!!


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I used to get picked on last year.

Like someone pulled my backpack so I'd fall down and shit like that. But I didn't give a fuck because I only judge people by their motives, not their actions (and their motives were ambiguous, so I couldn't judge them at all). They stopped pretty much instantly. If that helps.
And when people say ignoring a bully will just make them become more of a bully is bullshit, they're talking bullshit.