Blame It On Sadie Hawkins

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My school is having a Sadie Hawkins dance right before we go on winter break, and I can't say I'm excited about it because it's girls inviting a boy they like to it. Now if it was a Sam dance you could ONLY invite a member of the same gender...that's not going to happen.

I was in my last period today and I got a text attached to a picture of a girl in my grade, Sarah, asking me if I could meet her at the park right by where I live after school? I texted back yes and didn't hear anymore from her.

I went home and changed clothes, and sure enough Sarah was there waiting for me. She's kinda tall like me but she's really plain for a girl, and quiet. She just wears her hair tied back, never wears makeup or does her nails.

While Sarah became my dog's new best friend I sat down on the bench next to her, and I noticed how pretty she is...I've never felt that about a girl before?

Sam, the Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up...I...tomorrow....I...I'm going to invite you to be my date tomorrow...if that's okay with you?

A GIRL wants ME to go to a dance with her? Whaaaaaaaaat?????

Sure, I said.

She smiled and said thanks without looking at me.

Sarah, I asked, why me of all the boys in the school?

The silence killed me.

She pulled her phone out of her shorts pocket and scrolled to a picture of her and another girl, their faces close together smiling...just like the pictures Matthew and I take together.

That's Emily Sam....going on four months...I know you know what that's like.

I thought I was going to pass out.

I'm on your side Sam I just need your help, I need my mother to stop asking me questions...we're on the same team Sam.

I gave her what must have been a stupid look.

Sarah stood up and asked me for a hug, and she squeezes as hard as I do. Then she said something that shook me hard.

(My boyfriend's first and last name) is a lucky guy Sam...and I cope by laughing too.

A few minutes later I got a text from her:

Thanks Sam it's okay



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that's really cool that you found someone who really understands what you're going through. Maybe your boyfriend & her girlfriend & the two of you could go together, so you'd all be going kind of with the right people?
Congratualtions on the new friend! She sounds like a very kind, observant person.
(Was that link in her text or just a fluke?)

The ducks will get you!

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no,she knows

Sarah texted me that she's been reading Oasis for a while and she promised to tell me how she knows I'm Sam2000 when she can.

I think what you suggested is going to happen.

And, watch out for them ducks!


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well in that case,

hello, Sarah, if you're reading this. You sound like a nice person.

The ducks will get you!

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Wow Sam,

That's awesome. Looks like everything should work out famously for all of you. Hello there, mystery girl!

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interesting development. It could be a great thing for you though! I think you guys should go w/ each others' dates. It would be kinda fun. lol

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How well I remember Sadie Hawkins' Day!

But... it was initiated in the classic daily comic strip Lil Abner by Al Capp! I'd read it every day (including Sunday's longer installment... in color!).

I seem to remember it was always celebrated during the first couple weeks of November. Some how, the date of November 7 sticks in my mind (but this is nothing but the barest of memory).

So... have you decided on your plan of action if Sarah catches you? Maybe both of you will be faced with difficult decisions! :)

Anyway: Hi Sarah, and welcome to Oasis!