Boring update because it's all happy things pretty much!

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-No more Miche. She stopped liking me. Broken heart, yadda yadda.
-sorted things out with the long distance relationship boy. He's got mental health issues, which we're working on finding compromises to. Got to a bit of an understanding with that now, so things are....well. Things are very nice, very comfortable, very happy. Very, very, very, amazing.
-got a haircut. I am a sexy beast, yo. my self confidence levels have gone up, been eating right, even excersizing. i feel very good about myself. the boyfriend may be helping a lot though, being nonabusive or douchey and all.... ;)
- my band won fifth in champs. I feel we should have gotten fourth, but hey. Take what you win! It's not about being best, it's about putting on a kickass show!
-I am going to college while in high school and I fucking love it. It's definitely my groove. I've made plenty of new friends/acquaintances, including a bi friend that is like, one of my closest friends now
- got my driver's license
-got into my first accident, totally donked the end of this guy's car in the parking lot
- he didn't press charges
-my dad fixed my car free of cost

-fuck yes

-happy happy happy happy happy happy <3


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So much has happened...

Despite a few setbacks, it's obvious that you've survived... not only intact, but seemingly much better! You're doing something right... and don't let anyone deflect you.

Sorry... but your last line (above) obliges me to post this... just for you: "Happy, happy we..."

This is a scene from Handel's pastoral opera from 1718, Acis and Galatea. The opera portrays the tragic love of a demigoddess (Galatea) for a mortal Shepherd (Acis). Isn't Danielle de Niese as the demigoddess, Galatea, stunningly beautiful?

btw... subtitles would have been nice... but the language is English!

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glad to hear things are good...

Shelby. your facebook can be hard to follow at times, lol.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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How so?

That's redick!

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Happy is good!