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She looks around the room, wide-eyed. Her short hair shifts and its snow-white strands flutter back to where they were, settling perfectly around her soft face.
I follow her home from school on accident--I didn't realize she came this way. I stay paces behind, just far enough behind so that I don't scare her away. Her blue eyes are so wide, doe-like, that I'm wary of frightening her. Suddenly she veers off the path, stepping off the long line of gravel and into the thin stipe of woods that runs along next to the road. I blink, and she's gone--vanished, where I don't know.
Every day I follow her, finally getting up the courage to come closer. I watch as she turns to the fence and swings open a section of it, ducking behind. She's like one of the twelve dancing princesses, slipping away from the normal world through a secret passage to some other place...
The next time I see her she is a different creature altogether. Her hair has trapped the few honey-gold rays that sneak through the clouds in the fall, and I am tempted to follow her through the hubbub of the hallway.
We meet again at the corner, and somehow the car fumes part around her, leaving the air clean and fresh. As she disappears into the woods once again, I catch a flash of her doe-eyes, see the girl I watched that first day. It's still the princess, but she's morphed into a fairy born from sunlight, and I wonder what she'll be tomorrow.


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That's nice imagery.

That's nice imagery. Wonderfully descriptive