Christmas Break!

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Hey everyone. It's 12/13/12. I am now 15 as of November 30th. I'm going to start there :)
So two Fridays ago, it was my birthday! I went to school and got sang to by one of my classes and by my friends during lunch. I was so happy. They really made my day. My bi-curious friend owes me a lapdance! Haha just kidding. I got a present from my mom. She bought me a Monstaz and her name is Zelda. Perfect name for the baby of a gamer girl. She makes squeaky noises. The nurse at my school who is my BFF bought me a keychain of Hello Kitty. Which was perfect because Hello Kitty's outfit is rainbow colors. Gay Pride! And she bought me a small lunchbox. After school, I went to dinner with my family at Los Tres Hermanos. My favorite restaurant in the whole world. I had a great time. My aunt, nino, cousins (3), grandma, mom, my mom's bf, and my tio were there. I loved it. I haven't smiled that much in like 2 years! I got birthday money. I wish I could've spent time with my dad on that day too but it's okay. He took me to a Chinese restaurant a couple days before. The food there was great. I've been going there since I was little. So all in all, my birthday was fantastic!
Last Thursday I had dress rehearsal for our Winter Concert. From around 11 'o clock to 5:30, we were running the show. When I got home, I passed out on my bed. I was so tired. I love dancing but for 6 hours straight? That's a suicide mission. The next day was the concert We practiced for competition that morning in dance period. I was exhausted. Our teacher was killing us! Anyways... There were two shows. One at 3:45p and 6:30p. My dad and my little brother came to the first show. They bought me roses and took me to eat. Crazy story!...
While we were at McDonalds, there was this crazy guy. (I had like 30 minutes to eat food.) We pulled into a parking spot and this weirdo was flipping us off and saying "Eff you. Eff this. Eff Eff!" I was so confused. I don't know if he was drunk, high, or mentally challenged. It was scary. Well we ate and chatted about the performance. Then the weirdo (I'll call him Steve. He looked like a Steve.)... Steve came running into McDees and pushed this mom holding her baby still saying the "f" word to everyone and everything. He looked at my dad and yelled at him. My dad kept a straight face and said nothing. Steve left and almost broke the door. Then I heard a huge CRASH! Steve had pushed a man on a bike and the bike fell on him. Anyway... the point, my dad helped Bike Man and escorted cheerleaders to their car. They were from my school. So you cheerleaders owe my dad big time for saving your skinny butt lives! Thanks...
My mom came to the second show with Mark. (Her bf.) They took me home and we hung out. I had to shower and sleep ASAP because... TA-DA... the next day I had to go to Band Competition. Whoopee. Competition went great. Norma is our drum major. Yes she's a chick. A cute one. She got the All City Drum Major. She appeared in the newspaper and they interviewed her. Sadly, for competiton, we placed 6th place out of seven bands. They blamed dance team for not having a more "modern" songlist. Some people used the Beatles. We did Willy Wonka songs from the first movie. Aren't they cool? I think so. We even had Oompa-Loompas!!!! Come on now. Well we did our part. I think the judges just hate us because we're Mexican. To be honest. We have never won. No matter what we do.
I have officially dropped dance team. Why? Because half the girls hate me and the dances suck. We re-use the same moves over and over. It's boring. The first year was great and then this year sucked. I'm going to try softball. I have to focus on my academics.
Finally, I have to say that my girlfriend and I are fighting. (sigh) we haven't gotten along lately. I was always nice and patient when she worked for some cash. But when I have a once-a-year concert and competition, she gets upset and mad at me. Am I at fault? I don't understand. We're still fighting as of this second. She just texted me her "I'm-mad-and-confused" face. I have no idea what to do. I need help. I would like die if we broke up.
Well that was my past 3 weeks. Sorry it was so long. I needed this all out. Thanks for reading this far. It means a lot.



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No idea what you're talking

No idea what you're talking about. But thanks for the info dude. -Jazzy<3

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