Does anyone want to know what I just found out about?

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Because it's pretty interesting and relevent.

Apparently there are going to be Supreme Court cases about gay marriage next year. I knew that would happen when there was a state court case somewhere about it, like in Illinois or Michigan or something.

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By all means... proceed!

In full relevant eloquence!

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Ah yes, my Twitter feed was

Ah yes, my Twitter feed was blowing up with articles about that. I didn't know it would take until next year though...I guess we'll just have to be patient.

I am worried though, because 1) the Supreme Court justices are all old geezers who grew up in a generation in which gay marriage was totally unheard of and 2) I'm pretty sure the rulings will decide whether or not states can legally ban gay marriage, and even if we get our way, a lot of deep red states are gonna throw a fit, fight it with everything they've got.