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Sleepy but can't sleep, don't you dislike that.

Welp, I turned 21 the other day (Sunday). It went good... just hung out with some guys and my best friend. Drinking games, patron, and puppets. Then last night we rang in my best friend's birthday (more tequila for him). Then today I made the trek to my mom's house.. no snow yet, thank goodness. I like the snow. I just don't like getting snowed in...because my heart is on the east coast doing push ups and climbing ropes and navigating land and shooting rifles and whatever else goes on in boot camp... so I'm all out of warmth! least for another 22 days.

Sometimes I worry about my ability to be a military girlfriend. What if we're apart for months again after this while every day she's doing who knows what god knows where and I'm just hanging in there, waiting and praying. I wonder if she might not love me anymore after being physically separated for so long. Then all this waiting would be a waste. Just silly thoughts I shouldn't be having. I do have my insecure moments, apparently. But I love her, and to love is to risk... now I just have to figure out what to get the woman for Christmas. .. if there's one perk about your girlfriend being in boot camp during the holidays, you can wait til after the Christmas rush when there are sales to get a gift :) .. but I've never had a significant other to get a little something special for for Christmas, and I'm at a loss!

She needs a laptop to webcam with me during her combat training and schooling, but that's a little too expensive unfortunately. . Hmm, maybe a new jacket.. a locket.. socks..tingling nipple cream (just kidding), really, I have no idea what to get.

I might try sleep again while I think about it.