Greetings from Pangaea

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Oh, my god oh my god oh my GOD! I am totally addicted to Civ V. I've set Alexander the Great vs Queen Elizabeth vs Napoleon vs Rameses II vs Darius vs Ghandi, and it was awesome. Now I'm playing as Elizabeth I vs Catherine the Great vs all these other people & it's SO COOL!
so yeah. Happy solstice, folks.


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It is a cool video game.

My favorite to play as is Harun Al-Rashid.
Civ IV is better, though.

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I haven't played IV

I asked for V because that's what my history teacher reccomended--I hadn't heard of the game before he told us about it. But I love how you can pit all the famous historical figures against each other. It's funny to see Napoleon and Ghandi working together & stuff.

The ducks will get you!