I'm having fun.

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I got a new Mac Mini for Christmas and I'm having fun finding my way around the new operating system. It's a lot better than Windows 8, which is the worst PC operating system ever devised. I don't know how I'm going to transfer my music from the old laptop (which thankfully started working again, so I have all my files back). But this is none of your concern.

I've also recently started getting into Aphex Twin, one of the craziest musicians I have ever heard (right behind Merzbow, Passenger of Shit, and Round Wave Crusher). You should all check out the album drukQs. Some really interesting and complex creations in there. I don't know how he did this:

But I'll figure it out myself in Ableton (and possibly now Logic). This will be fun.

Oh, and by the way, I've started organizing a compilation project with other musicians dedicated to Osamu Sato (the lead developer of Eastern Mind and LSD, as well as the soundtracks to both), whom I found out died two years ago. So here's the first track for it that I've completed, in case anyone wants to listen:

I'm working on the second one for it now.

Have fun, Oasies.


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Welcome to the world...

of quality computers!


Someone must truly love you... possibly?

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Windows are quality, too.

It actually has a lot of advantages. But it doesn't have Logic and it now has Windows 8, so I'm much happier with Mac OS. And the magic mouse is cool, too.

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That's debatable!

Congrats on the Mac Mini. My friend has one and has convinced me to buy one, once my frankenstein computer shits the bed. Isn't it cool how the Mac OS allows you to run Windows. Navigating takes some getting used to because of the different system and icons. However, Mac is best for producing music, as I'm sure you'll discover.

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Mac must be better for music.

Aphex Twin uses it. I just need to learn my way around Logic. New DAWs are always an incredible challenge getting used to.

The OS as a whole, though, is pretty simple to learn. My elementary school in Alaska had iMacs, so I have some experience. It is a lot simpler than Windows, though. Especially the new Windows 8.

Mac Mini is really good, though. No setup required. Just pull it out of the box, plug it in, turn on the mouse and keyboard, and you're set.

It is going to be a challenge, though, to transfer my entire music library through a 2gig flash drive, since iCloud and Dropbox are way too small for that much data.

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I'm very impressed with...

my MacBook Air (like now, being 1000 miles from home): no moving parts; totally solid state! No mechanical hard drive. That's somewhat reassuring... but certainly not a guarantee that failure will never occur. At home, it's a 27" iMac!

As for music... dunno. But it sounds quite good when using decent earphones. Even the built-in speakers are better than expected; but still haven't quite figured out from which crevasse the sound emerges. :)

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Sounds sweet, they are a bit expensive, but worth the money especially if you're creating music or mixing. Many good bands use them.

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Decent earphones?

Built-in speakers?
You should hear the stereo system I have my computer plugged into.

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Yeah... earphones!

Can't carry stereo/theater system with me when I'm on the road and 1000 miles from home!

btw... you should hear mine! :)

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If you use headphones,

at least have the Pioneer Monitor 10s. Not "decent" earphones.

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I haven't attempted music transfers before, in fact, i'm not that savy with computers in general. There's actually quite a few famous bands that use Mac's for mixing and creating music. That's what their geared for. But, you're right, once you get used to it, it's much simpler than windows and you don't get those awful virus problems so inherent in the windows.

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"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Don't worry.

I got a 36GB flash drive today and transferred the rest of my music, as well as my documents and my pictures, on that.

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Once you go Mac you'll never

Once you go Mac you'll never go back!

I use a portable hard drive at school for stuff and also flash drives, all the computers at my school are Macs so it's easy for me. I have a 2010 Mini so I also use the SuperDrive all the time.


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Mine doesn't have an optical drive.

I have to transfer everything 2 gigabytes at a time.

My school has old IBM computers with Windows XP. I miss the new iMacs that my elementary school upgrades every year.

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You should download OnyX,

You should download OnyX, it's a free program that'll help you clean out your memory cache and other stuff. Really easy to use.


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I have no expertise...

on whether this utility is truly necessary, but have heard nothing particularly negative.

However, the one truly essential add-on would be the backup utility SuperDuper (provides a fully bootable backup). Get a Mac-compatible external hard drive (~1 TB); partition it 50/50: one half devoted to TimeMachine; the other to SuperDuper!

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External hard drives are expensive.

All I have is a 32GB flash drive.

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I found out that Osamu Sato is in fact not dead, and that he is currently running a web site here:

His rumored death supposedly happened around the same time that he stopped using his YouTube account, so that convinced me that the rumors were true.