It Started With A Kiss, And That Kiss Started Things

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Last Thursday (I know this is late!) before school started Sarah came up to be and asked me if I'd be her date at the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance and I said yes...

And she kissed me on the lips in front of everybody!

Hawtdamn! I didn't expect that!

About the same time that morning Emily went up to my boyfriend Matthew and asked the same question, instead of giving him a gentle kiss when he said yes she slammed him against a locker and gave him a long hard kiss!

Later Sarah told me that Emily can be a bit wild...damn. Matthew texted me about it asking if I wanted to switch girlfriends?

By lunch I was being interrogated about the whole thing, but I just tried to keep cool about it. I guess nobody ever though the resident Asperger's kid would have a date?

Emily is on her school's Spirit Squad, is popular, and Matthew is not at all popular so their relationship is being seriously questioned...he's just playing it cool. Everyone else seems to be being total douches about it, but their school is like that. We need to figure out something that will make things more believable between them soon.

Thursday after school the four of us just hung out at my place trying to figure out what we'd do next, and we decided to just keep as they are...the only people that need to know the truth are us and my parents. My Dads are fine with the whole thing, but my Mom is worried that the girls are going to end up getting hurt by the whole thing?

On Friday at school I was asked several times if I've done anything with Sarah yet and I just lunch I gave her a quick kiss and we sat together, and I think the other Nerds Of The Year nominees were a bit jealous?

I'll be honest here, I have feelings for her but it's very different from how I feel about Matthew. With him I want to tear his clothes off and ravage his body and know : ) With Sarah it's more like I can be gentle and affectionate and just be that awesome guy friend she needs right now, and if anything happens it's the cherry on top of the milkshake. And she really is a pretty girl, even my Dad told me that.

Matthew and I have talked about what we would do if anything beyond kissing happens and we decided that it's ok...we're still in love with each other, want each other...these girls are friends that can help us as much as we can help them.

Before meeting Sarah I never really thought much about lesbians and what they go through, but now that I know two in person it's changed how I feel about it. They deal with the same shit as gay guys do.

On Saturday all four of us spent most of the day together and we asked some serious questions, like what out first time together as like doing anything. It was so awkward, but they told us they we at a cheerleader camp and shared a shower's funny because Sarah is so not the cheerleader type. Matthew told them about the dressing room experience they day we first met.

I really think something more than kissing was going to happen when my Dads came home and we had to cool things off. I'm really nervous about that, I mean more scared than anything.

I'm not sure where things are going to go but I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now.

As scared as I am.