Merry Christmas Oasians!

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It's been a while, but I'm in the mood to write a post and first of all merry Christmas to everyone (even if its late).

My parents had a week on a cabin in the beach so they were going to sell it, but no one bought it and my sister came from Argentina and she wanted to come. It was a long trip, I'm with my best girl friend and its been awesome.
On Dec. 24th ususally in Colombia at night we have parties and the condo made some, my cabin won 2 bottles of Aguardiente (Colombian alcoholic drink) and I had my anxiety attack. Things got bad after a while, I started thinking again about self harm and suicide so I was going to call my guy friend when he called me the exact moment I was going to call him, I talked to him about it, he made me get better and then he asked me when I was going to come out to my parents and even said that he would like to have a homosexual daughter/son and explained why. We ended our conversation "I miss you" and "Te quiero" that might be traduced as a "I love you" but not like love of relationship (it's complicated).
Today while I was at the beach with my best friend, some wave made her tit go out and it was disgusting, plus yesterday I saw another one, but I didn't saw it completely.

Pd: I just realized that its been a year and some days since I registered here. Thank you all for the support.