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I guess you don't really need to know this... Nameless journal and whoever reads this. But I love you, so you need to know about me.
I think I'll call you Jennifer.
Again, I am called Rina. My real name is Marina. I'm named after Counselor Troi from Star Trek. Um...
If I were to be an animal, I would be a cat.
I like cats. I own 6. (My avi is my cats Loki and Danny. They're both girls.)
I am 14 years of age and I have a semi-blog thingy that I devote a lot of my thoughts and free time to.
It's called "Gay Talk" on Wattpad.
So, when I end up on here, it's 1 am and I'm not my brightest
I'm a grammar vigilante, so if I end up spelling wrong or saying something stupid like, "i is" or "(plural noun) is not", then go ahead and shoot me in the foot.
I've been told that I say pretty deep things sometimes.
When I get tired, normally I get hyper, then sleepy, then sensitive (the smallest thing that someone says could make me either angry or make me cry), then stupid...
Not every day is normal though.
I believe in abnormality.
Politics wise, I hate it. Republicans are smart (sometimes) when it comes to what to do with money, but they don't care much for rights of people as people or the freedoms we are given.
Democrats understand and respect rights, but can't handle money.
(Forgive me if I am offending you.)
I'm rather bold at times. I believe in saying exactly what I feel should be said.
I'm headstrong, even when I know I'm wrong. I don't like losing, and sometimes I get crazy when things don't go my way.
I don't like not having control in situations; some situations.
I'm a rebel. I hate my parents sometimes; they're conservative, homophobic and I like seeing them pissed.
Like when my mum wouldn't quit begging me to get my eyebrows waxed. So I shaved them off.

I like someone right now. A girl, obviously. She moved away a month or so ago, but I can't shake what I feel.
I promised myself I wouldn't date until I was fully out, unless the girl I was dating was in the closet too.
I'm out to almost everyone. Except my parents. i'm kinda careless about it; I'm surprised they don't know yet.

I take love and homosexuality seriously.
Two things I hate; when people go on about the many people they like when they have a significant other, and when people go from gay to bi to straight to bi to gay again and they can't make up their mind.
Like I understand being confused, but I mean the ones who do it for attention.
I also hate when people let others decide things for them. I've had a control freak mother deciding everything I do for me for my whole life and I hate it. That's probably why I am what I am.
I'm a middle child.
My cousin is probably the best friend I could ever have. He's kind of rude sometimes, but in an intelligent, witty way. He can be serious when it's needed and the other day he admitted how much he values me as his cousin; which is good for the little amount of emotion he shows. I would probably die if I lost him.
Well, that's enough... I'm getting to emotional stage.
Goodnight, Jenny.


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Oooh, I love Troi! And the

Oooh, I love Troi! And the eyebrow thing is terrific. You should write one of those heartwarming memoirs and include that bit as a chapter. We seem to have similar thought processes (with the lists of personality traits especially). I loves grammar two! ;)
Welcome to Oasis, btw. I forgot to say that I think...

The ducks will get you!

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Since you've granted general permission... I think,

If you're compelled to use the expression, politicswise is better when spelled as a single word. :)

btw, the "shot" should have just been noisy --- inflicting no discernible injury to your foot!

Also... commendations on this extract from your personal philosophy: "I take love and homosexuality seriously."

WELCOME to Oasis!

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Hey there!

Welcome to Oasis. I'm Jasmine. You seem very cool. Rebel.. that's awesome. I agree with a lot of what you said :) -Jazzy<3