My life is not going well at the moment.

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My computer broke a few days ago, and all the music projects I was working on disappeared with it and are gone forever, unless I somehow find a way to fix it (which seems unlikely, since it won't even turn on).
I wasn't that bothered, because I had backed up all my sample packs and the older projects, the latter of which was put in a flash drive. That flash drive was just broken by my puppy. So everything I cared about is gone, pretty much. I have spent months working on one project, which is now completely gone. So I'm using this web site to cry about it.


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I understand soewhat my keyboard keys arent working well so I've to type on an onskreen keyboard

Just dont let it bother yo u I suppsoe

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That does suck,

I had a similiar disaster with an HP computer I had a couple years ago, with the one exception being I had nothing backed up. I lost about 14 complete poems and several unfinished pieces. I had just finished cataloguing my entire comic book collection, which took me almost a week, and I lost that too. Of course, now I have a couple flash drives and a computer I put together from parts. The damn thing was only two years old, but that's what I got for being lazy.

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Logic should outlaw tragedies this horrible.

The universe doesn't like art.

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I truly wish I knew...

how your mind can generate such eloquent and erudite subject titles!

I believe you may easily become the ultimate irrepressible...

Sorry... I don't know the code for the appropriate emoticon here! Teach me?


btw: Did you create that animated GIF above?

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Do you mean the title of the comment above yours or the journal?

If the latter, was your description sarcastic, or not?

And no, I didn't create that. It's a popular .gif that was expanded (in the introduction to make the image stretched to the point of humorous frustration) by an anonymous animator.
My own lack of knowledge in animation and video editing almost compares to my total ignorance in programming. I know absolutely nothing about either.

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Sarcastic? With you...?

Not really... but, playfully flippant... just possibly. :)


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Technology sucks when it

Technology sucks when it lets you down!!!!!


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Oh Yeah,

You'll get no argument from me on that one. It let's me down frequently.