New Year 2013!

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Dear 2013,
I'm so excited! I get to start over in school. New semester, new classes, new teachers, no dance, and now I can join the LGBT club at school! YES! I can finally get myself out there or at least get advice and motivation to come out. I'll make new friends and do what I want. Last semester I felt so tied down with dance. I couldn't do certain things because I could have gotten injured. It sucked. Now I can go skateboarding at the park or play baseball with the guys because I'm as free as a bird. I just haven't learned how to fly yet.
I am now single. Apparently I'm very cruel when I joke around. Although I don't remember being cruel and harsh. I just try my hardest to make people laugh their butts off. That's always my daily goal. To get someone to laugh super hard and hope I make their day better. We all make mistakes and I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I'll live. Again, I won't be so held back. Maybe I can party and talk to that cute chick I met in dance now. Just kidding. This will take a while to get over. I'll be okay...
P.S. I hope you're a better year than 2012 was. I want to strive and be all I can be.

Jasmine B.