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With six and a half more weeks of boot camp left, it is time to start deciding on whether or not I'm going to her graduation. Hands down, I want to go. I would just have to drive..all seventeen hours there. The longest I've driven myself is four hours one way. I was really hoping her mom or stepdad would invite me to ride with them, but we're not that close. So, I don't see that happening, and it may be that they're already going to have a car full. If I was old enough to rent a car, I'd just fly.. but I can't rent a car, and I don't think any public transportation goes to the island. Yep, I'll be stuck driving. 1,023 miles. Alone.. in the middle of January. Here's to hoping that isn't the case!

It's storming out, so I can't sleep. I like mild storms. Rain is good. But at night, the sounds are a little overwhelming.

I've just about given up on my classes for this semester. I have three tests this week and four comprehensive finals next week. Spanish and parasitology won't be so bad. It's genetics and virology that will need a lot of study time. Three more semesters until I have my BS, and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. Maybe I should look into career counseling. That's probably a good idea.

I need to start working out again. I don't have much energy these days, and I think being regularly active would help me in many aspects

My job is very life-draining. It's becoming more difficult to pretend like I actually care about what I'm doing. My performance is typically always above min. requirements, but I can tell my supervisor knows I hate being there. Email after email after email of nothing but customers with problems. I'm happy to help, but when the majority of the issues could be resolved if they paid more attention, that's when I feel like I'm wasting my time. We sell books, learn how to read..you can start by reading the directions on this coupon. Ah.

I'm finding that my loss of youth has a direct correlation with my decline in creativity.

To be conti...


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I could never drive that

I could never drive that long alone, especially if it was a new, unknown route. Maybe take a friend? Definitely a GPS, and a state map just for extra measure. And a can of mace in case you find yourself in any sketchy towns along the way.

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My cousin is a stay at home

My cousin is a stay at home mom. I might be able convince her to come!