Presenter's Dilemma

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I'm in a dilemma: my classmates turned against me. We had to do a presentation on a literary piece by figuring out the theme and all of that other stuff. As usual I put in my focus even though I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. I managed to figure it out with specific evidence and the 4 group members agreed unanimously without really questioning my reasoning. So I did most of the work like 60% and I'm telling the truth and they know it is true and lied by saying we all put in 25% of work. Now I agreed so that means I lied.

I can't decide if I should tell the teacher to change the scores without telling the cause it wouldn't matter since they know it's true I did more than they did. And I even said I'll take a lower score so that they can bring their grades up because I have a B. One person a friend I used to have agreed immediately. So I would be sacrificed well only my grade But then another member said no cause it'll bring his grade down. I wasn't going to agree anyway but now I know what kind of person she is: selfish.

I don't know if I should tell the teacher to change the scores. I need advice


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Do it.

They're filthy cockroaches who deserve to be crushed beneath your foot like the parasitic beasts they are. You'd be a saint to only bring their grade down.

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The timing is a bit wonky. Would be better to tell the teacher before doing the work and agreeing to say you all worked on it.

I also don't know you can tell the teacher what to do with the information, re: changing the scores.

So, the real choice is to tell the teacher no matter what the result, or just roll with it and be sure not to get in that situation again. I mean, students who coast through their assignments without actually doing any work will eventually do poorly without you intervening.

Or just alter the presentation and have the teacher ask you questions about the material at the end, something where it seems like you could have said it in error, but the teacher might clue in that you'er the only one who knows what the book was about.

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Am I correct... assuming that all 4 of you received the same grade for your "collaborative" efforts? I'd suspect that this is the case.

I believe the only potentially satisfying recourse available to you would be some variation of Jeff's final suggestion (above).

Personally, I'd just take it as a "learning situation" and let it go.

But if you truly feel you would gain some personal satisfaction by shaming the other 3, you might mention to your teacher that the 4 of you would be willing to participate in a class-wide discussion of the project. (Not my favorite!)


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