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I like people who:

1) Can take a hit. If I punch your shoulder, feel free to punch mine back. I'm trying to show affection, not hurt you.

2) Will do stupid things in public. Not for attention or to prove self confidence, but just for fun.

3) Put on stupid and obviously fake accents.

4) Eat food off the ground.

5) Can be mean, even if they aren't.

6) Can enjoy themselves in shitty situations.


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Hey Dave,

1) I'm a hockey player, of course I can take a hit. But seriously, I think most should know the difference between a love tap and someone who's trying to start something.
2) It's been awhile, but I think I've got this covered.
3) Fuck! It's almost like you know me. I have a somewhat malleable voice and I tend to do this quite frequently. Most people get a kick out of it, others think I'm nuts.
4) Hey! Ten second rule counts, right?
5) I'll sometimes say things that are pretty mean, but deep down most who know me know I'm quite the opposite.
6) Isn't that what life is all about or aboot(if your Canadian)?

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1) Is an ass smack going too far in reply?
2) I'm always doing stupid things in public.
3) Don't do that.
4) Well, within the 5 second rule.
5) Got that one covered.
6) Definitely know how to do that, heh.

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am." - Brandon Lacy Campos