The end!

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Anyway, I have a new favorite musician at the moment. His name is Mike Pardinas, also cleverly known as ยต-Ziq. Just listen to this musical masterpiece:

A truly amazing work. It only gets better with every time I hear it. He might even be near Kromestar's level of musical mastery. I wish I could put that album on my iPod, but I unfortunately can't do that until I get a new computer. Replacing my entire music library that I lost is going to be quite an ordeal.
I hope you all are as captivated by this song as I am. Discovering a new artist as memorable and creative as this is one of the most exciting experiences for me. I highly recommend searching for new underground musicians; there are some very rewarding hidden gems out there.


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that dude in the .GIF looked like Marshall Applewhite for a second. lol

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That's Ron Paul.

You know, from Ron Paul 2012.