Today was a good day.

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Since the college students are back in town for the holidays, our old newspaper staff decided to have a little ten o'clock in the morning, which was irksome for me since I had to be at work by eleven forty-five. We scheduled the get-together so early to accommodate my former best friend, Judd, who had somewhere to be late afternoon. And the asshole didn't even bother to show up, or even RSVP at the very least. We picked a ridiculously early time just for him, and he doesn't even come because he was so hungover from drinking and getting high all weekend.

Sigh. That kid used to be so adorable and awesome. Now he's just a douchebag. It almost makes me rethink my support of the legalization of marijuana. I don't give a fuck what any pothead says. It is totally possible to become unhealthily dependent on weed. The kid can't go a day without it, and if he has to, he gets all edgy and pissy.

But screw him, because we still had fun, although I wish it had lasted longer. All five of us at the table were dedicated hard-left liberals, so the topic of discussion was mostly politics and the fallacies of extremist Republican religion Nazis. We were bashing the fundamentally religious pretty hard, and were surrounded by senior citizens since the restaurant is a hotspot for the elderly, so I could feel the disapproving stares silently condemning us as rebellious heathens. Oh well.

I mostly talked to Brittany when that particular discussion hit a pause. But it was so lovely seeing everyone, a total blast from the past. The best part is all of the people I didn't like, this hardcore Mormon jerkwad and my former imaginary romantic rival, didn't show up, so it was perfect. So perfect in fact that I ended up being forty-five minutes late to work. I didn't get yelled at though, which is a bit unsettling. So I...guess I'm off the hook? I hesitate to say that lest the managers be plotting anything.

I told Brittany last night I wasn't even gonna show up, but I realized that would be such a dick thing to do. I had no justifiable reason not to go, and I always gripe about how my friends never include me in anything. Glad I changed my mind.

My plans for Christmas break include getting a shit ton of reading done, applying for scholarships, writing a decent short story to submit for writing scholarships, and best of all having Brittany over after Christmas so we can exchange gifts. I have no idea what the girl got me. It's supposed to snow again this week, so maybe my vision of us having snowball fights and sledding and drinking hot chocolate while cuddling under a blanket together shall come true!

Ah. So excited.

Welp, my next journal will be filled with details about how my Christmas went and how my Christmas with Brittany went. So you have that to look forward to.


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Sounds like a good day

Sounds like a good day indeed! ...cuddling under a blanket?

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Cuddling under a blanket. Although realistically that won't happen.