what the fudge do i do?

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i feel as though my parents want me to stay in the closet for the rest of my life

it sucks because i feel as though it should be my own choice who i tell...
my parents say that lgbt literature is banned from my house, they say that i am not allowed to date anyone, they refuse to even discuss my interests in being a gay rights activist, and they seem to think that being gay is a sin and that i am going to hell unless i become straight.

what the fudge am i supposed to do.


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You can,

still be out to friends. I'm assuming you've told your parents about being gay and they took a negative position. Well, I suppose you could respect their demands, however, you can still pursue being a gay rights activist.
Perhaps your school has a club or association you could join, just don't bring the literature home. It sucks to have to go behind their backs, but they are not being very supportive of you. Plus, you have this site and lots of people willing to listen to you here. Remember, once you're eighteen you can make your own choices, but for the safety of remaining in their house, you may have to obey their wishes, for now.

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Depending on your age, you strike some sort of compromise.

You can do X, but noy Y. Tell A but not B.

Of course, they can't really control a lot of this anymore. I mean, literature can be on your computer, phone, tablet, etc., how tech savvy are they?

If you can't get them on board with gay, then them not being down with gay rights activist isn't a big surprise.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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im 17 and they are pretty tech savvy. even if i did have a phone they would check it im sure

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No phone! :(

That constitutes abuse... doesn't it?

Reading between the lines... am I correct that your parents know (or strongly suspect) that you just might be gay... but they don't want to see or hear any support for LGBT teens?

If so, do they know about PFLAG?

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they know

they know cuz i told them. at first my mom was okay with it, but then she got remarried to a super "religious" guy
the reason that i put that into "" is because i believe that if you believe in god that you should believe in love.

aaaargh i hate him

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I think you spelled fuck wrong.

Here's what you do: ignore your parents. Fuck them. Who do they think they are? Are you really going to live your whole life based on what they say you can and can't do? Fuck that. You're fucking seventeen. Ignore what they say and if they don't like it they can go fuck themselves.

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Please tell me...

You're being facetious... right?

You can't truly be serious; there are much better solutions!

No matter how harsh you feel you're being treated by your parents, there's never any excuse for being deliberately offensive to them.

It may prove to be a challenge... but it will always be to your credit if you work to find an approach that achieves honest and open communication!

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You're sounding like Confucius now.

Stop it. Parents aren't always right.

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Thank you...

Being compared to Confucius I consider an honor.


Regrettably, you're quite correct: "Parents aren't always right."

I didn't say they were...!

What I was implying was to master your skills of persuasion and human communication without losing your calm.

You'll likely make gains (maybe not all at once), and your parents will be proud seeing how mature you've become (however, there may be extremely rare exceptions).

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I hate Confucius

His philosophy is just an evil propaganda tool to make people obey society. I hope Confucianism disappears completely in my lifetime.