winter break

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In less than a week, I'll be twenty one. It's a good feeling. Though, I wish I could celebrate it with my girlfriend. Boot camp blows.. good news is I do get to go to her graduation. Her sister asked if I had plans to go, her parents aren't able to go due to work conflicts unfortunately, so her sister is riding there with me! I'm very excited. Now that this semester is over with, seeing her is all I can ever manage to think about. It fills me with an overwhelming sense of fuzziness and a smiley mushy warmth of anticipation and relief and pride and love. Gosh.

We met during a time in my life I'm not too proud of, dated, then my grandma died, and she still wanted to be with me though I was kind of reclusive, we fell in love, and now it feels like we can accomplish anything we want. Though at this point, the only thing I want is her next to me right this very second. I know, lots of goals.
Four more weeks until she's done with basic, and I'll be meeting every single one of the short term goals I'm conjuring at the moment, rest assured. Fireworks.

My job has pretty much been squeezed out of my life. It sucks anyway. I still have it, but I have a two week non paid "vacation" right now. Then I have to take time off for my girlfriend's graduation into the USMC and some of her time back home before she leaves again for combat training. So I'm going to be broke for a while, but I'm applying for a 10 week summer internship that pays a nice stipend. Fingers crossed! My adviser says I'll more than likely be accepted because of the course load I've had and the lab experience, so I'm very excited to maybe be opening the door into more research experiences. That's the goal anyway.

I found an old diary I first wrote in in 2000. I wrote in it about once a year for four years, then there was a huge gap, wrote it in last year and wrote it it the other day. Just a page or so each time, highlighting main points of the year. I think this is something I'll keep forever.

There's my spiel for break time.


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Old journals are worth keeping and nice to read. I have one that I doodled in, wrote mock memoirs and was silly overall and it saved my grade in theater after I lost the one I was intially going to use. It's a good thing my instructor didn't read it!