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I love that song.

Anyway, my mother's started putting mousse in my hair and blow-drying it in the morning, instead of what I usually do, which is nothing. That method actually makes my hair straighter and softer than a straightener does, since my hair's so thick and long. I'm going to get up earlier on school days now for that, so I don't have pothead hair at school anymore. My dad said that my hair's gone from headbanger to "Catholic schoolboy," which is kind of appropriate, considering I've gone back to listening primarily to IDM. It's kind of strange how much hair can completely change someone's appearance. I look much better with straighter hair. It's weird.

Speaking of IDM:

I found the drukQs vinyl box set on eBay for about $130. I might buy it if my dad gives me back the money that we mutually invested in a couple of power amps two months ago.

I also created some harsh glitchy noises, similar to those in the song I embedded above. I'm going to make a pretty wild song with those when I have the time.

Also, how does Facebook know I'm gay? I always get ads on there about gay things. I don't get it.

I just looked at my Google ad preferences. Google thinks I'm 25-34 years old. Oh, and apparently Google knows I'm gay now, too. I just got an ad for a gay romance book. Great.


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Facebook knows everything!

That's their business. Even their "hunches" bring in cash from those willing to pay... :(