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Okay its been a while since I've posted but I need advice but a few days ago my mother came to me and was like why am I bisexual and I really couldn't answer her because I've no idea myself like I said i recognized I was attracted to men when I was 14 but I know deep down it started long before I was 14 but I'm attracted to women also so I know it makes me bi and I'm perfectly fine with being just that I'm just confuse on what and how I should answer that question she asked....HELP!!!!!!!


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That whole journal was one

That whole journal was one long sentence. The grammar Nazi in me could not resist mentioning that.

But anyway. The answer to that question is simple: you just are. Hate to quote Lady Gaga here, but you were just born that way. I mean I guess you could go into specifics and offer her some recent scientific research that shows some subtle differences in the brains of straight people and gay people, but that's not really necessary.

The point is that the why you are shouldn't matter to your mother. What should matter is that you simply are.

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It could be...

that he just finds "periods" frightening? :)

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Dumb questions with dumb questions. Ask her why she is heterosexual?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Just tell your mom...

what you've just told us! That's the full answer... there's no "explaining" nature... it just is!