Dancing Under The Stars

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Last night we finally had our Sadie Hawkins dance at my school, rescheduled after the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Originally they were going to cancel it but it was turned into a dance/fundraiser for our local food bank. I feel really good about my school doing that.

We used my place as a gathering point, and Sarah and Emily came with their Moms...and they were just so pretty. Sarah wore a blue dress and Emily was in a black one, which is kind of funny being neither one of them ever wear dresses. Lots of pictures were taken and both Matthew and I slipped in kisses when we could.

Matthew and I both wore what we would to church, I had a rust colored tie that matches my rust colored hair perfectly, and he wore the same blue tie as he had worn at my Grandpa's funeral. I wore my Grandpa's watch, even though it was hidden beneath my shirt sleeve.

The dance started out slow but Sarah pulled me out to the floor and made me come out of my shell, and after a while I relaxed. During the slow dance we kissed a few times and I could see my Dad's (both were chaperones) just staring at us. Even though we're having a charade relationship there's some real feeling between us.

After the dance we went for ice cream and were joined by the girl's Moms, who told us that we would always be welcome over at their homes. My Dad told me I was growing up right in front of him, and I could tell he was getting a little misty eyed.

My Dad drove the girls and their Mom's home, and at Sarah's place her Mom said goodnight, and opened the door, telling us to take our time. We kissed and with her back turned to the car she put my hand in a place I never thought it would go and told me it was mine when I was ready...and then she said goodnight and went in.

I was so hard it hurt to walk.

We dropped Emily off next, and Matthew told me she did the same thing to him. When he came back to the car his face was just in shock.

Matthew spent the night at my place, and before we became passionate in my bed we talked about the girls and what we wanted to do next. We're too scared of getting them pregnant to go all the way, but there's lots of other things we can do. And we're getting more and more curious of exactly what two girls madly in love do together.

I'm as terrified of what will happen as I'm excited about doing it.



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Wait? What?!

Your lesbian dates want to sleep with you?! What am I missing?

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are you sure this isn't some straight guy's fantasy?

there is something seriously weird going on...

The ducks will get you!

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I thought you were gay. And

I thought you were gay. And I thought the chicks were gay too. Or maybe you're all just really sexual and want to fuck everything that moves.

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Well, you've said that the

Well, you've said that the girls are pretty, and even with you and Matthew being gay and the girls lesbians it's not too weird that you have feelings for each other. Just be careful, you don't want to hurt them or have a baby together!!!!!


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I know Matthew and I are gay

I know Matthew and I are gay and so are Sarah and Emily, but it's like we're connectng to each other in a almost straight way??? Never thought that would happen.

Maybe we're really all bi?


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sexuality is fluid

try not to box yourself in to one category

The ducks will get you!