For the intrigued...

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I am writing a daily essay in 2013 and posting it to my website at

It's some personal stuff that I haven't tended to share before. So, if that interests you, here is the intro post describing the project and, from there, you can read three more essays that have been posted so far...


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86,000-page draft!

Tell me... this must be hyperbole! :) Or, maybe: page>word?

Best of luck on holding to your commitment of 365 articles. But... I feel it will become quite onerous...

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Yes, word. Oops. I'm not quite that crazy, I don't think.

Well, it isn't just a diary, the essays I write this year will be the rough drafts of future more-focused, publishable essays at a later date, so it's not just writing for the sake of writing. It's work product.

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