Friends And Lovers

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Many thanks for your kind words about my mother's's still hard for me to believe she's really gone.

This time I'm going to write about what it was like living in France at first and I'm also going to tell you about my closest friends and the secret we share. All my friends have asked me not to use their real names so I hope you understand.

My house in France was actually a vacation home for an American family, and unlike the rest of the houses here it has a huge refrigerator! It's a really simple two bedroom/two bathroom house that's small compared to the typical American one. We have a garage that we use as a gym and for storage for our bikes and sports gear, and we also have a hot tub that's my favorite feature. I'm in it at least four times a week! It's also run by solar power which is very common here. We don't have air conditioning but have ceiling fans in each room.

The summer had just started when we moved here and one of the first things we did was to set up the above ground swimming pool. I know those aren't really seen in the United States but they're very common here as a in ground pool is very expensive and seen as wasteful. Our pool is a tarp in a frame of plastic pipes and isn't that deep but still fun to be in.

Right after we moved here I met my aunt and uncle and my cousin Ana, who's two years older than me , and the first thing we did was go swimming and Ana pulled off her dress and panties and jumped in the water with me. I had never seen a girl naked before, and later that day she took me behind the garage and showed me how girls pee. I asked my father about her body and he answered my question in a real simple way. Nudity is accepted here much better than in the United States.

I soon met Mrs. Berg and her sons Christian who's my age and Tristan who's a year younger. They are chubby blue eyed blondes with spiky hair and they're a bit wild, and we became instant friends. My father works with their mother so they carpool all the time, and I know our parents have a secret romance between them. Sadly their father's not involved with them at all.

Isaac is my oldest friend at fifteen but we're in the same grade, and he's the only Jewish boy I know. He's been friends with the twins for almost forever and the first time we met we became instant friends too. Unfortunately like them he doesn't have a father in his life either. He's not much of a Jew, and he's not going to have a Bar Mitzvah anytime soon. He's the fattest boy I know, and he has a set of ta-ta's (a common name for breasts) that are bigger than the ones some girls have.

Isaac is also my boyfriend, and I'm totally in love with him. The twins and I also do stuff together, but Isaac and I are real serious about it. I'll write more about that as time goes on.

It's almost midnight here and I have to wrap this up, but I think next time I'll go into more about how I started to become attracted to boys and how Issac and I became lovers.



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I really liked this one,

I really liked this one, especially how you're pointing out the differences between the U.S. and France. I'm sure there's more things that are very different there and I can't wait to read more of your posts!!!!!!


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My condolences on your loss....

Must have missed a posting. I can relate-just lost my dad a few months back. Hmm, seems like you have some interesting 'friends' over there, but as you point out, in most of the world, public nudity is not nearly as big a deal as it is in the US.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman