Guess who is back, back again

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It's been so long since I posted here that I forgot for a moment how to post a journal entry. I have also just had the shock realization that I have been an Oasis member for over six years!

It was weird to go back and read over my old journals, but also kind of exciting to see where I have come from. It is strange, I know that it was me that wrote those things, but it also feels like someone else at the same time. I suppose my life is so much different now than it was then.

I have my own apartment which I share with my long term girlfriend, and fairly successful career to date. On a sadder note though my father passed away last year. I feel like he deserves more than one sentence, but I still struggle to cope with the very thought that he is gone, that putting any words with it is still too hard.

I had felt that I was too old to be posting here, and it is part of the reason I faded off the site. But I have also realized it is a pretty cool way to keep recording my journey. That, and I would like to give something back in terms of advice, if at all possible.


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You seem like a cool person, but I didn't start on here until after you left. Good luck, though.