hey guys...

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i'm back... my room mate was hacking my account on here and was making himself a right little nusance... by the by..(or by-the-bi, as the case may be) i've recently had a TBI (tramatic brain injury) so if my posts sound like i'm an oatmeal-brain, i am. i'll be fine after a while but i have a semi-permanent concussion and all of my responces and that may seem a little out of wack for a while...


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I hear ya on that.

TBI's suck. I had one a few years ago, still affecting me. anyway, welcome back. And how did your roomate get your password?

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His password must not have been secure enough.

Everybody should do what I do: create a series of digits only they can remember.

Even if I told anyone my password, they still wouldn't know it.

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same here

my go-to password is a numerical code for an obscure character on a show no one watches. I've told it to people & they still have no idea what it is.

The ducks will get you!

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Mine is 25 digits long.

Good luck trying to guess that.

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Just for Oasis?

Sounds a bit long. Didn't realize that Oasis would even accept a password that long! Hopefully, you use a different one for each site you frequent.

Curious. Do you have someone in mind who you suspect might like to know your passwords? :)

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But you can never be too safe.

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i use diff. passwords...

for diff sites but unfortunately only use the same old 7 in rotation...and he knows 3 of them so i changed the passcodes on the sites with those codes...
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