Hey, look what I found.

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This is an absolutely terrible, atrocious assault on any sense of musical aesthetics, reminiscent of Nicki Minaj's insipid travesties to audio, but those are some hilarious lyrics. I approve very much of those, and also of the obvious Passenger of Shit influence (listen to the song "Staple Tapeworms On My Penis").

I'll likely never listen to it again, though. It brings back bad memories of "Beez In the Trap" and "Stupid Hoe".

I hate Blood On the Dance Floor with intense fury, but I decided to give this a chance. Disappointed very much by the music, but the lyrics did make me laugh, and it reminded me of Passenger, so that was nice.


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I was supposed to interview whichever BOTDF dude was gay... but we never lined it up.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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BOTDF is an atrocity to music. The fact that they even have a fanbase is rather disturbing. Mind you, that fanbase is 99% obnoxious scene girls. But if people wanna listen to them, then whatever, I guess. Everybody has different tastes, I suppose.

I also heard a rumor that one of them was recently accused of statutory rape? Probably false, but that honestly wouldn't surprise me.

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Didn't you read the journal?

I don't want to listen to it at all. I just love the lyrics.

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Yeah. I know.

I said if people want to listen to it, then whatever. People in general.

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There was some rape thing like 3-4 years ago. With the internet, hard to tell if it's true, just as many stories of it being fake as real.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Uh... Is this where we're headed?

This is becoming Oasis' New Direction?

I hope not… but it may provide just a hint as to why so many recent "regulars" seem to be just fading away: uncertain, swimmerguy, angel syndrome, javier, mogul, Just Dave, MacAvity, Dracofangxxx, Super Duck… and so many others whom I have unintentionally failed to recall from memory...

Sad! :(

Remember them? Remember Oasis of just a year ago... two years ago?

OMG… I'm so chagrined! How in excusable for me not to have also mentioned our ferrets!

…and recalling the efforts (mostly on the side) facilitating his "escape" from a mind-numbing high school.

Thanks, Jeff!

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New Direction?

What's that?

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I feel so loved for being mentioned~

I agree. Oasis is just slow. I would post interesting things that happen in my life, but I'm busy, I'm tired, and I'm boring. Mmmm.

Maybe I'll write a journal later hue hue hue
That's redick!

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There is no correlation when it comes to Oasis, this site is by its very nature transitional.

You come here when you're confused and alone, and as you become less confused and alone, you leave. I've always thought that was a good thing and sort of the point of the site.

I know for certain that is the case with ferrets and angel syndrome, since I'm friends with them on Facebook, and both have told me as much. But it isn't a negative thing.

If anything, the issue isn't the older members leaving, it is the slower rate at which new members join. In the olden days, the newbies outpaced the departed.

I mean, if this was a basic community site, then it would make sense for alarm when people left, but given the fact that younger people come here to sort out issues related to sexuality, leaving is sort of people finally feeling like "I think I've got this..." and feeling ready and complete as a person to not need a constant support network.

I think the focus is off here. If there is a cause for alarm, it is the lack of new members. Although, there have been a few dry spells before, when I'm wondering if the site needs to keep existing, and then somehow, word starts spreading, and the site picks up again.

So, you never know...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Great! Your analysis rings true…

But there remains one festering "thorn" in my side:

Can you even begin to imagine how envious I am of those who are also invited to maintain friendships with current and ex-Oasies™ via Facebook (or other social media)?

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I'd say I'm Facebook friends with a tiny, tiny minority of Oasis people, and that is only a recent development, so if you factor me doing this for 16+ years, most people have only ever disappeared without a trace.

Given the age differences and stuff, I'd only ever given my Facebook address in threads where people were sharing them on here in the past, since I don't want to randomly be all "Hey, it's Jeff from Oasis!" since Oasis is something a lot of people keep separate from their actual life.

Beyond that, you've only maintained publicly (that I'm aware of) your disdain and trepidation about Facebook, so there is likely a perception that you are not on it. Of course, I know you're on it, but even then I'm unclear if you ever log on and actually use it, heh. Either way, it's important to maintain a balance of not liking it AND letting people know you're available on it.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Sometimes I do feel bad that

Sometimes I do feel bad that I don't write on here as much as I used to, but I don't really have much to say anymore. The days just kind of blend together now until I move in a few months because the same exact things happen to me every single day. I still come on here and read the posts, but I just rarely post anything myself. In September, I won't be alone in the rural south anymore, and I won't really need the kind of support I did when I started my account here at the age of 14.

I do kind of miss posting every day like I did a few years ago. That was a very different time for me, though.

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Don't fret it...

You've been a true inspiration for so many...

Just remember... if you ever do leave a last post or comment, you'll not be forgotten™!

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If you guys don't want me to post music anymore, by the way,

just say so and I'll stop. It just seemed like the web site was really slow, so I posted something to speed it up a bit.