I Love You, Kurt.

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“Its better to burn out than fade away.”
― Kurt Cobain
I love this man. More than I love any other singer, I adore Kurt. Why? He thinks like me.
Well... thought.
He believed that you shouldn't be something you aren't and if you pretend you're wasting the person you are.
He thought that the world was a terrifyingly destroyed world.
He hated homophobes. He said that he wised he was gay so he could piss off homophobes and even called himself gay in spirit.
He thought the exact same way I do. I like to think he lived on in me somehow. He would've believed it.
But... I don't believe that he killed himself.
I've read and re-read his note, I've done research.
The end of his note is a different handwriting than his and samples of Courtney practicing his handwriting were found. The shotgun was across his body and the shot was in his head. There's little possibility that could've happened.
He was also checked out of Rehab before and Courtney had reported him suicidal. She did this to cover herself up.
Tom Grant, who was working for Courtney thought, after examining the note, that it was actually a note announcing his intent to leave Courtney.
I've seen the note, the whole thing says nothing about suicide, except for the part at the end that is different.
At the crime scene there were none of Kurt's fingerprints on the gun, or the not, or the pen.
Still, there isn't enough proof to put Love in jail.
What matters is, whether he killed himself, or if he was murdered, he was a great musician with a beautiful, intelligent mind and he's forever in my heart.
“If you die you’re completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I’m not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I’ve got.”
― Kurt Cobain
R.I.P, Kurt.


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There is a whole documentary exploring this theory, if you're interested.

As someone who was saddened when Kurt died, and I even got to see him live twice, this stuff still seems like a stretch to me.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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It's just what I think...

It's just what I think... Even though Kurt was constantly on drugs and kind of depressed throughout his life, I can't make myself think he'd actually take his own life. This is just another explanation.
"Peace, Love, Empathy"
― Kurt Cobain

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well, there are so many damn theories out there...

and even members of his own family here in WA state believe he killed himself, I don't know enough or care enough to speculate. While he was a decent, yes I said decent musician and poet, I have never, nor ever will, care enough to speculate on his suicide or murder. it happened so long ago, in the past, they couldn't come after courtney had she done it anyway.

that being said, I did go to his hometown of Aberdeen for a show my friend's band was playing w/ queensryche on new years....it was....interesting. the people in Aberdeen are still stuck in the 80's/90's, still weird as hell, but normal to themselves, and the theatre wasn't even 1/4 full. but it was a decent show. despite geoff tate being fucked up out of his mind. lol.

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