I will celebrate my own way.

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In the spirit of staying up late on New Year's Eve, I will stay up until seven AM tonight. I woke up late today, so it shouldn't be very difficult. I've stayed up later plenty of times.

And my New Year's resolution shall be to continue being awesome.

Also, I've been pretty bored lately. If anyone has any ideas for entertainment that they use, please let me know. Or link me to any online entertainment, like free video games or something.

In exchange, I give all you good people a very, very good song:

And if you give me some good entertainment, I will kiss your ass in a reply.


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Awesome... yeah!!!

And... may I aver that you were reminded just how awesome... maybe at least once on each side of the time boundary?

Hopefully, next new year you will be able to share that awesomeness with a worthy admirer. :)

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Check this bass solo out,

The sound quality isn't that great, however, I've seen Les live several times with Primus and The Frog Brigade. Hands down the best Bass player I've ever heard live. Very unique slap style and guitars.

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But this guy will always be my favorite bassist: http://youtu.be/OANqm8ctWAc
Him and John Myung.

And now to briefly kiss your ass for the link, as promised in the journal.

Thank you so much for the entertainment you have provided me with. It is very much appreciated. I love you and you are the greatest person who has ever lived.

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I'm addicted to stand-up comics. So, watch some clips of Doug Stanhope, Bill Burr, Louis CK, Jim Jefferies, Simon Amstell, Jimmy Carr, Jim Gaffigan, Joe Rogan, John Mulaney and Steve Byrne.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles