I'm bored so I wrote this journal.

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I've been listening almost exclusively to death metal lately. As a result, I've switched from hanging out on Soundcloud to hanging out on Bandcamp. In related news, I think my hair's long enough to headbang. I'd like to have it at least to my shoulders, though. I must be patient.

I've also been entertaining myself with playing bass. Since I don't have a distortion pedal (yet), I've decided to be cheap and plug it into my computer, run the signal through distortion in Ableton Live, and send it to my stereo system. It requires a lot of configuring to make it sound right, and it doesn't have as many possibilities as a pedal, but it still sounds pretty fucking badass. Especially when I play Tool. Fucking awesome.

And I think I've developed an addiction to crossword puzzles. So that's nice.


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Crossword puzzles...

That... I can understand! :)

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I love em too,

Crosswords that is. Check out this vid by Danzig for your head-banging pleasure.

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Not my style, sorry.

I can understand the lyrics too well. By which I mean it's too normal. Seems too rock-ish. The only good rock IMO is prog and indie, so I'm not into the old-style metal like this.

It's mostly the vocal style that I don't like here. Reminds me too much of Queen.