magnetic field

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Reputation is a cruel, deceiving thing
with dark humor in its smile.
Your shirt sleeve rolls up and people
start chattering about your
tattoo but all I can focus on
is the sinewy peach stretch of skin on your bicep.
It excites me like a cold shower at blistering noon
or walking across a bridge during rush hour traffic.
Anyway, what is wrong with the fact
that you believe love should hang
from a Tim Burton type of tree?

Attraction comes at us
like a freight train in eastern Iowa;
merciless and unstoppable in its
race against time and judgment,
not letting us breathe
or invent a convincing enough
lie with which to trick ourselves.
Boy, I see your auburn lashes
and my fingers twitch
with the urge to lift your chin
so that our eyes meet and I
become lost in your
rich topaz stare like suntanned leaves.

While sitting on the burned-out sofa,
watching a horror film,
your hand caresses my neck
and dives in my hair.
But my insecurities return
when you fall asleep with
your cheek buried
adorably in the plaid quilt
and I don't give in to my
desire to share the same
warm space because perhaps
it'll mean something greater.

Even from a mile away,
I can sense the nervous
laughter in your voice
and that to me is friendship;
knowing your ghost.
But I want to strip off every
layer of your personality and
read the gory stuff;
the filthy fantasies
and angry tears you turn into
words scribbled on a page in
your roadside journal.

Intimacy is the lava lamp-lit
walls in your house;
the shy brush of your palm
against my spine
and whispers of
"Don't stop", creating
a superior magnetic
field where nothing existed before.


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I love your opening line"Reputation is a cruel, deceiving thing with dark humor in it's smile" Yeah! Sounds like something I would say and it is kind of true. I also love the first line in the second stanza. Overall, very good and the close was also very good. I don't know how you'd feel about it, but this poem performed live at a poetry slam, I think would kick ass!

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haha I don't have the guts

haha I don't have the guts to do that. thanks, though. It means a lot to me that you like it.