Poems I wrote

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These are the poems I wrote on Facebook. Hope you like them.
Fate will come a knocking.
While Memories will wash upon a shore
An Idea will come from no where
The words shall be never more

The skies will surely fall
The ocean will eventually turn red
The universe is full of wonder
In life we cannot be easily read.

The day is but a journey
The night is nearly past
The sun gives us glory
Our love may never last

The Fate is spun
The Memory is made
The Idea is last
The Words shall fade

The skies will calm
The Oceans will too
The Universe is still growing
Our Lives will start anew.

The day is now
The night will be done
The sun is still waiting
For my love to be won.


For how doth the winter blows across the evening sky
The strings of birds that pass the clouds as the night shade passes by
The chill of snow doth chills my soul right to the very core.
The pain I've seen the the spring shall bring will be never more

The birds shall fly.
The fish shall swim
The man shall think
Out of creative whim.

Oh how does the man think
When his heart is a solid cold
His Soul is some where locked away
and surely not made of gold

For surely the man thinks
If I can bargain once again one more time
To sell the goods that I have
To which were not even mine

To laugh to the heart of danger
Is to laugh at the burning fire
The rich, The poor, The cold, The warm
All have a same desire.