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Ohhi there Oasis. I kind of got eaten by school/volunteer work/the internet, but I've been absolutely horrid at journaling anywhere and I should really at least make an efort to get back into it.

So. What have I been up to? Went to Vegas for new years with a few really awesome people-- for real, it was geeky sci-fi quoting and queer theory and feminism and bad sex puns all the way and it was super great, even if the Vegas strip itself is pretty disgusting.
I'm in my last semester of school, which is both exciting and terrifying. I'm doing a trans* lit course which looks promising, though I do have a few reservations about the course material and the prof, so we'll see. The prof has made a couple bad choices in the past that made her come off as transphobic, but I'm willing to give her the bennifit of the doubt mostly because I think she's been blinded a bit by academia. It's not an excuse, but it's an explanation. She's also maried to my woman's studies prof last term, which is the second set of married queer profs I've been taught by within a year. The English department is so fucking queer, you guys, it's ridiculous and amazing.
Personally, I've been doing decently. Making more of an efort to gently call out people on erasure of bisexuality because it's acctually a pretty big issue in the community. I've been hesitant to poke at the genderqueer stuf because all the social justice kids on tumblr have basically made me feel like if I talk about it I'm a giant fakey faker going along with the latest trend trying to be a special snowflake, nevermind that I've been identifying as androgynous for seven years and there are days when knowing my body/appearance doesn't conform to what I feel it should be is like a punch in the stomach. So gender stuff gets shoved into the same closet in my mind where I have to live with the fact that most of the general public will forever see me and promptly associate blind with thinking of me as incompetant and five-years-old and in a constant state of needing help/being useless and that is just never going to change. In a way that makes gender easier-- people will never see me how I want them to anyway, so why bother angsting about it.

Sorry guys, this post was just meant to be a brief sort of catch-up thing to get me bak into the habit of writing. Not even sure if oasis is the right place for this, as my journals tend to be less needing support and more just working out my own thoughts on paper so I don't wind up talking somebody's ear off about them.


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glad you are doing so well...

hope this is seting the tone for your entire year...
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Always funny when people are surprised by Vegas. I used to go there all the time, but mainly for the shows...

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