Returning To My Other Home

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At least twice a year since I was seven my father and I return to Florida for a visit, usually when I'm on school break and in the summer. We have a love/hate feeling about being back in the United States, the love part is seeing our relatives again, the hate part is certain things about Florida in general. They way the locals talk about tourists, who are spending money there just amazes me. Tourism is Florida's main source of income, you'd think they'd have some respect for us!

The love part is visiting my relatives, especially my grandparents and my aunts and cousins...well mostly love anyway. My oldest aunt and her son Jackson are just the nicest people, really down to Earth and friendly. Jackson's my age so we're close, and he's learning French because he'll be spending some time with my father and I this summer in France. I can't wait!

My other aunt...well her husband is this really loud and obnoxious ex-Marine who loves saying crude things and telling people he's from New York. They have three boys, Matt's the oldest, Mike's the middle one, and Josh the youngest. The two oldest boys act all gangsta even though they live in a huge house in a gated community, and I don't enjoy being around them much. Josh is really cool, the family nerd as they call him and he's my favorite.

Jackson came out to me last summer and it's something that we talk about often. We e-mail and text each other all the time, and he recently told his mother but none of the other relatives know yet. He's a good looking guy but hasn't found a boyfriend yet, and there's lots of pressure on him to be out and open about his gayness. He's the kind of guy that you can't really tell is gay and that's a big issue for him.

In my last journal I wrote about something that happened while I was visiting Florida when i was eleven, and I feel funny about writing this.

I was on school break and my father had to attend a work function, and we stayed at a hotel like we usually do. I would stay at the hotel during the day and at night we'd go visit our relatives. It was winter but 80 degrees out and I was at the pool enjoying the water when I met a older boy and girl, both of them were fat and very attractive to me.

I went up and talked to them, and found out that Chris and Casey were staying there while their mother when looking for a new home for them. They had lived in Minnesota and were moving there because of their mother's job transfer. Casey was 14 at the time and Chris 13 but I didn't tell them my age. Even at 11 I was tall so I could pass for older.

Casey was wearing a bikini and I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and I wasn't shy about her seeing my interest. Chris was just in swim shorts and his ta-ta's were as big as his sisters, and my interest for them showed in my Speedo. You know what I mean.

So I just asked Casey if she'd like to come back to my hotel room, just like that no hesitation no fear. Chris wanted to join us so I whispered into his ear that if he gave us a hour together I'd show him a porn magazine I had brought from France. He smiled at that.

Once we were in my hotel room the passion started, I mean literally as soon as the door closed we were kissing, and it just went from there. You know what happened, don't you?

We took a shower together, and exactly an hour after we left the pool Chris was knocking on the door. When he saw his sister he knew what happened, and I was determined to do stuff with him too.

Chris stretched out on the bed and looked at the magazine and without asking I started to rub his back, something I had done many times to my friends back in France. He didn't stop my and soon I was rubbing his smooth chubby legs, and despite having just been with a girl I was ready for more fun. A few minutes later it was over.

When my father came back to the hotel room he knew what had happened, well at least with Casey and I, and that night we all had dinner together. I don't think her mother had any idea about what we had done.

We kept in touch, and still exchange regular e-mails. They even ended up being neighbors to my cousin Jackson, and Chris tells me he has desire for him.

It was a good visit, and when I go back there Casey and I find time to be together, and I always make time for Chris too.

Next time I'm going to write about some things kids in France do that are totally forbidden in the United States.



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Damn man...

I wish I could say I had an amazing experience like that when I was 14...or 12 for that matter. lol.

looking forward to hearing about the forbidden stuff in the states....Does it involve public nudity and beaches? haha

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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It won't be about stuff I've

It won't be about stuff I've done in the United States that forbidden, but things that happen here in France that most American's probably wouldn't approve of.


France is my home but America is in my heart.

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Ah... now we're treated to...

the expurgated version! :)

But knowing the tender age of most Oasies... probably for the best.

Thank you.

(But... you did retain a copy of the original for personal reference/use?)

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My cousin in Florida read my

My cousin in Florida read my journal and sent me a text asking me to take some stuff out, I feel bad about what I originally wrote. He wasn't mad, he just felt that some things should remain private.

I kept the original post, I write my journals and save them then post them when I can come on here.


France is my home but America is in my heart.

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You shouldn't be too hard...

on yourself! :)

But he was right, you know?