same sex ring shopping

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We decided to get each other promise rings. Not like abstinence rings (lol) but more like commitment rings until it's appropriate to get engaged. Which.. I'm guessing will be after I graduate college next may and she joins the fleet (gets a permanent duty station) which will be by next spring as well. We joke about our promise rings warding off bimbos and refer to them as garlic necklaces. It's fun. I did learn some good news though! In states that allow same sex marriage, military same sex couples are allowed off base housing. That makes me really relieved.

Anyway, back to ring shopping. I live in the ozarkian bible belt of midwest amurica. I will admit that I was a little uneasy of going ring shopping with my girlfriend. We've been called homophobic names twice before while together , and I really hate facing discrimination. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised as to how accommodating the sellers were. They were extremely polite and treated us just like any other young couple. So overall it was a great experience. And our rings are beautiful, though it's kind of bittersweet. She leaves again in 5 days. At least this time she'll be able to call and stuff so it won't be as bad.. either way, I'm just happy we're together for now.


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That's awesome....

Specially for the bible belt!

Hope you guys can get off base housing-while being on base has some perks, like cheap food, free gyms, and entertainment, it can definitely suck.

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