Some Intriguing Developments

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So, I'm just sitting in world lit, waiting for our fresh-out-of-college newbie teacher to quiet the class down, when my friend Haylee tells me there's a flyer by the door announcing the beginning of a GSA at the school. So I checked it out. It seems some brave soul decided to establish a GSA, which will meet for the first time February 5th. It's so odd that one of these would pop up in the conservative Midwest, but I'm so glad it did. It kinda gives me hope. Cautious hope, but hope nonetheless.

My friends think it's stupid. Not because they have any issue with gays, of course, but they think it won't do any good. The homophobic assholes won't be swayed, which is the goal declared on the flyer: to encourage an environment of tolerance and open-mindedness. How we will be doing that is up in the air; if it's just making cheesy posters and taping them all over the halls, then I'm out.

So I really don't know what to expect. I don't know who will show up. Being a part of this will likely mean being out to the entire school, not just a select few. I can't just not go though, even if I have a feeling the whole effort is futile. Maybe I'll meet a ton of closeted gay kids whom I never would've suspected were gay. I'm very eager for this.

Hm...let's car won't start. If it isn't fixed by Monday, I'm not going to school. I refuse to take the bus. The Bus is so awful, so hellish, it is worthy of being capitalized to give it a dramatic feeling.

I got low scores on my evaluation at work. Apparently I suck at communication. Translation: I'm too quiet. I'm sorry I don't talk 24/7 like everybody else. Quiet people are always victimized because almost every human being on the planet loves to talk. I swear, the second I turn eighteen I am booking it to the bookstore and begging for a job.


Booking it.




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I wouldn't get too concerned with the goals of the GSA, even having a safe space without changing the environment is progress for the people inside that safe space, no?

I know when I ran my student group in college, we did some political stuff that some people didn't care about, but ultimately the meetings were the real point of it all.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Very true. The people who

Very true. The people who are already tolerant and accepting are obviously gonna be the ones to show up, so it's pretty much gonna be a safe-zone for me. I always thought the goal of a GSA was to convince people that gays aren't so awful, but there's never been one anywhere near here, so I wouldn't know much about them.

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One of my best friends is the president of the gsa,

And she's straight and likes black dick. So not everyone would have to know that you're gay XP
That's redick!

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And, don't ever forget...

that you also have another friend (also a friend of Jeff's) who's currently president of his GSA! (I like to think that --- somewhat indirectly --- I share some responsibility...)

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I kinda want everyone to

I kinda want everyone to know, actually. It would be liberating. Oh yes. I remember her. How could I forget? XD

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What's wrong,

With your car? Dead battery?

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The connections around the

The connections around the battery are filthy, which I guess doesn't allow the car to start. That's what my dad says anyway. I know nothing about cars. He's gonna fix it today hopefully.

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Well are you going to join the new GSA?

I definitely say you should, for various obvious reasons, like meeting new queers from around the area. That would be interesting for me, so I'm assuming you would enjoy it. I think the whole GSA thing is really just about a safe, accepting place and meeting people, anyway. But I haven't been there, either, so tell us what it's like if you do go. Do share the news from the real life gay world for us.

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I'm definitely gonna go to

I'm definitely gonna go to the first meeting, just to check it out. I really have no idea what to expect. If it's just an extension of the school's youth group and it's full of heterosexual Christians who just have that "We love them even if they're sinners" kind of attitude, then I won't be sticking around.

My main reason for going is really meeting some gay people.

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The first meeting will likely...

dwell just on organizational matters. But, I encourage you to look in!