Student comes out at HS assembly

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Pretty brave kid. I can relate to his correlation of being a good actor, not just on stage, but in life. I've always felt that way, trying deperately to fit into other people's expectations of who 'I' should be. A hopelessly tragic path for sure.

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I totally get him

I go to the theatre every day and listen to girls joke about me having a boyfriend...

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For more on Jacob Rudolph...

"Jacob Rudolph says it was for those kids who maybe don't have the courage or don't know how."

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What's with all the background noise?

Sounds like people in the crowd keep yelling at each other and ignoring his speech entirely.

Also, his coming out seemed just as rushed and confusing as Jodie Foster's. He could have done a better job.

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I'm more confused...

... with him coming out as LGBTT, which he explains in the video elph posted is the more modern way to come out?! Call me old school then, I guess... I don't see how being more lesbian and trans-inclusive in your personal coming out makes any sense. I mean, as a community, sure, but personally, I don't get it.

I think that noise is louder than it seems. I know when I've done interviews in public places, there's a certain murmur level that freaks the phone out and it sounds like that. But, it is a school assembly, so whatever.

I also give him more props than an ivy league school actress with 47 years in the industry. I mean, he actually came out in his speech, so he's already one step ahead...

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He invented a new acronym! What a fag.....but seriously, that definitely took a hell of a lot of balls, and it was a really cool things to see. He also got a ton of interviews on national tv after this.

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