Thanks LastPass?

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I'm serious about the title.

(LastPass auto-logged me in. xD)


I've really only made two or so posts over 2012 haven't I?

I might as well change that a bit.

Or not.

I have too many online journals as it is.

(Tumblr, Dreamwidth, heavily encrypted text file, and the like.)

and for personal reasons, it seems kind of awkward to be posting here now.
(But I could get over that? I just might have to change a few things though.)


I might as well leave a life update for you guys.

-Got a boyfriend around last may?
-Older sister is getting married this July and I'm excited and happy for her and the like.
-Said boyfriend is coming over from England for the wedding. ^^
-College is going good, I kind of fucked up shit my first semester but I have a handle of things now.

Yeah, I think that's it really...



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Well... I'll say the same thing

as the last time you snuck in: You've been missed!

My advice: Stick around this time... and seriously consider dumping those other "low class" sites! :)

Sorry to hear that you weren't paying attention last semester. But I'm hoping that what you experienced was sufficient to encourage you to now take seriously your university studies!

And, congratulations on your bf... he's English? How did that happen?

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I don't remember seeing you here last year.

Welcome, though. Do stay, please!

Funny that you mentioned Tumblr. I just got done creating one myself at I'll probably just use that as a place to share music even more than I do here.

Anyway, congratulations on surviving up until now. I wish you many years of similar states of affairs in regard to your existence.