"The Spaces Between"

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An excerpt:
' It hurts
when love dies.
When love is deep,
it hurts deeply---
more deeply maybe than you thought
anything would ever hurt

But with time,
the spaces between the moments when it hurts
gets longer,
the moments themselves become
less devastating,
till eventually you come to associate them
with a sad sweetness
that has as much in common
with love
as it does with grief.

I wish you long
spaces in between,
and may you carry into them
all of that sweetness,
and only enough sadness to attest
the risk that's being taken
by everyone who loves you.'

If ever there were better words to impart on those who've been
hurt or will be hurt in love, i'm hard-pressed to imagine something more poignant than this. A slam poetry legend whose voice will sorely be missed. Check this one out: http://youtu.be/y29e-1ZwAaA


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:( is this about your boss?

:( is this about your boss? it's considerate of you to write this is in his memory, if so.

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It's a nod to Jack McCarthy who died last week in Washington state.
He was a legend in the poetry slam world and originally from Boston.
It clearly is about loss of love(In whatever form), but Jack hands you the flashlight and allows you too see through the darkness, if you will.
This is intended for all who have suffered such losses. I just thought his words and phrasing were beautiful with "The Spaces between".
The link I left at the end would be more fitting for my boss. It's Jack's live reading of his poem 'Drunks', very hard-hitting, but the truth usually is.