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Today after school my Dad's went out to dinner and a movie for what we call WEdnesday Fun Night, it's the one day of the week they can just be together without dealing with me.

I texted Sarah and when I told I had the place to myself she asked if she could come over? Not a big deal really, but after what happened at the dance...well I wasn't sure what would happen?

She came over, and asked if we could use the hottub, something we've done a bunch of times...but this time she pulled out her bikini from her backpack and asked me if we wanted to change together.

I don't know why, but I was terrified.

We went into my bedroom and I turned around, and her clothes started being tossed onto my bed...your turn Sam she told me...and I slowly undressed until I was as bare as she was.

You look good Sam, she said as she put her hands on my shoulders and hugged me really hard from behind. I could feel her hair brushing against my butt, and her hands moved down my chest...then she stopped at my waist.

Sam...I want to do this....I want to be with you...I promise it will be okay honey...

She asked me to turn around and I closed my eyes tightly before do it, I don't know why? I opened my eyes and saw more of her than I ever expected.

What we did felt good, but it wasn't anything that could get her pregnant.

I feel funny now, but I felt weird when she told me that Emily was with Matthew at the same time, doing the same thing...they wanted it to be a shared experience.

I texted Matthew later that night, and he told a long time to reply. When he did it was exactly what I expected:

It was good but I'm gay Sam.

I texted back, girls are good you're better.

I'm not sure what will happen now, but I'm even more confused than I was before.



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So it actually happened, huh?

I think these girls might have just been confused or wanting to test their idea of whether or not you and matthew were actually together. Maybe they are bi, and wanted something to happen different from the norm, but I don't know.

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You're confused...?

How about us?

If you weren't raped, it seems like what both you and Matthew experienced was the "next best thing!" The girls seem to have had their fun... but at your expense! :(

Think about it... and, be careful... please!

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Oh Sam!

You sexual dynamo! Well, your not alone. I had an experience with an older girl when I was 17, but it took that experience to confirm what I had already suspected with regard to my sexuality. At the time, I was deluding myself and trying to fit the straight mold. Didn't work out so well, though.

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I don't get any of this.

You're gay, but hooked up with lesbians so all would look good publicly. Except the lesbians wanted to sleep with you, and you did, which confirms you're really gay... but you're confused?!

My girlfriend wanted to sleep with me in high school and I broke up with her. ;-)

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That's what makes,

people different I suppose. Deep down you probably knew getting with her wasn't what you wanted, so you didn't follow through with it.
Sam may be confused because he was turned on by what the girl was doing. Boys that age can be turned on if the wind blows against their pants hard enough, ya know. What 'is' confusing is those girls saying they are Lesbian, yet they seem kind of eager for cock. I know of a few Lesbians that have this type of MO. They'll settle for dick, if they can't get with a girl or may have just broke up with a girl. Then, of course, I know several Lesbians who simply don't like men or dick at all. Kind of mysterious, but Sam did say he preferred Matthew.

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I'd hazard a guess

that these girls get off on having power over boys, not sleeping with them. Sam, I'd suggest steering clear of them for a bit if you can.

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