Update on hair

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I've updated my profile picture on this web site. (Disregard how weird and serious I look; the full-size version looked much better.) And in case you haven't noticed, I am growing my hair out. And yes, it is mostly so I can headbang. But it also looks cooler. Unfortunately I don't have time to straighten it, so it's really messy at school (until I comb it when I get home), but I don't care.

My father thinks I'm going to let him take me to get it cut. Ha! What a naïve idea.


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Agree... what you said.

Just a tad bit curious... At what age do dads feel it's safe to let their sons go to a barber unsupervised? :)

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For me,

It was like twelve and then I was on my own. Which is likely the reason I always sported long hair. My hair's been short for the last three years, though. I got tired of maintaining it. It all worked out, though, I donated my hair to the Shriner's Burns Institute in Boston. They likely made wigs out of it for kids with Cancer. I gave them 28 inches(one over the minimum) I used to love whipping people with in mosh pits.

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I know what prompted you to do this...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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More likely this:

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I get the fact you don't like Harry(more likely the boy band he's in), but you have to admit he's very cute. Hey, I don't care for their music either, which is why I don't listen to it.

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No he doesn't!

If he were just some random guy who I've never heard of, he still wouldn't be attractive. He looks like a fucking geek.

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You know...

This correlates with my assessment as well!

As the saying goes: "Beauty is in..."

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You could just luck out! The rumors are that he's free again... :)

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Yeah, kind of. My hair, believe it or not, was much longer than Harry in that picture. Once the hair was past my shoulders I usually tied it to a pony tail. It can get pretty windy in Boston, so there's 'Bad hair days a plenty'. Still though, Harry looks quite edible even if he's a little messy!
Is it me or does he look a little stoned in that picture?

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it's not just you...

he looks a lil' too mellow...
~"i'm a real Witch, Before, During AND After my coffee!"