Amendment to Tennessee's "Classroom Protection Act"

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Here's the link to the bill:

Here's an article that takes out all of the Republican sugarcoating:

Enjoy. :)

Fortunately, I already made a video of my response to this, so I don't have to write as much here.

I sped up my voice to make it more annoying.

For the transcript, just check the video description.

Oh, and I'm anarchist, so I have to post music.


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Quite an impressive feat of transmogrification!

socialist > anarchist > RadicalRanter!


Now... go after the rest of those who believe their "truths" are unassailable! How naïve they are... and sadly, there are so many of them! And realize... your job looks to be never-ending!

Oh... Great voice... and thanks for the translation! :)

Hope there'll be more? Will you be filling the vacuum left in the wake...


Edit PS: Do you think you could ever match the multitude of YouTube commentaries issued by (gay?) Tyler Oakley?:

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I probably won't watch any of those.

Looks neither important or entertaining. AzuriteReaction does a good job of making purely interesting videos, with some very good humor here and there. The Amazing Atheist, A Dose of Buckley, Some Grey Bloke, and of course Dendrophilian all do good jobs of providing very intelligent and witty commentaries on current events, while still adding some humor to it. Cr1tikal and Filthy Frank are masters of pure humor, and make me laugh more than anything else I've ever seen or heard. But Oakley here doesn't seem to do anything important, just talk about irrelevant garbage.

That's just my opinion of course; I'm not trying to insult you if you find them interesting, I'm just not entertained by it.

Oh, and in case you can't tell, I get bored a lot.

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I wasn't offering an opinion...

In fact... I just gave him a cursory glance. I saw that he was quite prolific (possibly, excessively so)... and, I just thought that you might be interested.

Nothing more... :)

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Not really.

He only uploads about one video a week. Azurite uploads on average about 4-6 a day.

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That seems preposterous...

I say this, however, without actually having seen any of his posts. But one (i.e., I/me) must assume that he can't possibly have a life?

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Well, YouTube is his job.

He gets paid to put ads on his videos. And he doesn't actually make all of the videos individually, he streams occasionally for about five hours per stream, and records it and puts up chunks of those as videos. The streams are really fun to watch and participate in; there aren't many better experiences in my opinion.

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It's difficult,

For me to imagine the constituencies of Tennesee actually pushed for this legislation, even harder to believe it passed. I did meet several meat-head types down there who echoed an anti-gay/anti-black/anti-anything different kind of sentiment. I guess, fortunately, my experience was limited to the Memphis area.
Seriously, a challenge needs to be mounted against the intent of this legislation. Assuming of course, there is an LGBT community in the state.
I hope the state is prepared for all the potential lawsuits that could easily arise from the enforcement of this inherently evil law.
What about the children who get forcibly outed? I can't even imagine the fallout from this. Sounds too much like 'Nazi' Germany to me.
It would be ignorant of me to pretend I know the political climate in the state of Tennesee, but where the fuck was the opposition to this? Or, is Tennesee now controlled by the evangelical/ultra-conservative right wing? Sad state of affairs.

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It passed?

I was not aware of this. I propose a solution the federal government can use to end this act. Tennessee should not be recognized as a state and should be cut off from federal funding until the law is repealed. The fact that this hasn't been done really makes me angry at the government, and the disappointing "liberal" Democratic party.

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No, my mistake

It's up for a vote. I didn't research it before shooting my mouth off. I would think it'll get defeated because it's bullshit.

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That's what everyone thought about the original one.

And that passed.

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To be fair...

That dog did look *really* gay, and his name was Elton (major tip off).

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I feel bad for the poor baby. I'll bet that dog would be putty in my hands.
People don't understand the breed. They are very loving dogs. Huge kissy-faces in fact, which could be read wrong, i suppose. But, someone should give Pit Bulls and Parolees a call. I'm sure the woman who runs that rescue would be more than happy to care for that dog until the owner gets released. Did they happen to mention how long he was in jail for?

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Well the dog's already ben adopted.

The adoption center received a ton of calls after that story got out.

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As well they should have. The dog was a cutie and there's plenty of people capable of handling a Pit or more accurately a Staffordshire Terrier, which is actually the true name of the breed. 'Pit Bull' came about through dog-fighting circles. I believe my dog 'Ember'(My avatar) is from the Colby bloodlines due to her markings. She's an awesome dog.

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For the latest on this very-Tennesseean stupidity:

Stacey Campfield, 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Sponsor, Appears To Debate Critics In Comments Section:

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I love the wording.

"quit trying to ram it down everybody's throats..."

I think based on his intolerance and defensiveness, he enjoys getting things rammed down his throat.

This guy's fun to laugh at. He should keep saying stupid things. Maybe he'll be offered a reality show deal so he can retire from politics.

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Even Republicans see this bill as sheer lunacy

Opponents slam Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill:’s-‘don’t-say-gay’-bill040213

I do not know why this URL is not "clickable." The story adds little that's new, but if you wish to read it, just copy and paste the link in your browser's address field.

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I don't think,

Stacey darling, can be taken seriously. The more he argues or attempts to justify his position, the more he reveals himself as a friggin nut-job. Who the hell was the crazy old guy in the video? Another right-wing crackpot?
One has to wonder how he seems to know so much about Adolph Hitler's sexuality and that of his SS, it leads one to believe he had first-hand experience. Or was that by mouth? Yup, that house sho gone crazy!

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A further commentary... this one is worth your time!

"What Tennessee's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Would Have Done to Me"