Around Town And Back

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Nothing's really new, almost as if things never change, however that's not true since everything has it's subtle changes. It's been quite the interesting time in my life, what with friends and chaotic events popping up hither and thither. All in all pretty good, all the ups and downs to be expected, all adds to experience and character.

I was at this rodeo a few days ago, with my Mother, sister, sister's boyfriend and their children. It was pretty nice, however I often found myself feeling a bit lonely. Not like the lonely I've written about a few months ago. Just a lonely feeling that came from not being there with a friend. It felt odd, I thought I'd have some fun but none really.

It was interesting to observe the crowds, to observe the diversity. Such as the woman speaking in a South Eastern Asian language to her child in the parking lot, or the guys speaking Arabic or Farsi to each other near the pony ride at the adjoining carnival. That was very interesting, I wondered, it was another show to me that this place really is diverse.

Sometimes I think about those things, then other times I find myself looking out of the window. I observe the skyline of my fair city, it's prospering, the tower at it's center has been a symbol to me for as long as I can remember it's defiance to be outshined. There it has remained for decades and I hope for many more.

I find myself wishing at times that I had a different set of friends, perhaps some I could go clubbing with. Go downtown, to some club somewhere and dance the night away. And then I know I'm being highly unrealistic. Not in that sense that it will never happen, but I couldn't afford that lifestyle, financially and or physically.

Studies are far too important and sleep is too. I find that when I hang out with my friends when they have time I feel better and my lonelyness dissipates into the nothingness from which it spawned. It's odd really, I like being alone sometimes, and then other times not. Not confusing, nor depressing, odd.

Odd things happen to me quite a lot. Sort of that guy who plays guitar I met a few months back and only recently ran into. I'll call him Thick Specs (no offence to people with high lens prescriptions) or maybe Womanizer would be better? haha no, Thick Specs works. Anyway Thick Specs was telling me of his recent girlfriend fiasco.

And when he went back to reading comics on his slate I asked if I could play his guitar, and he gave me the go ahead. Long story short he actually doesn't even like guitar. Odd. Why take a class in guitar and not like it? Why? It's a rhetorical question I suppose. Perhaps his teacher is not effective, perhaps Thick Specs is too lazy.

I may never know, but I can go on with life with or without the answer. An answer I would like is "has the arsonist been caught yet?". This answer many nervous people who live in my district would like to know as well. Seven or eight fires was it? I already lost count. Hope they get the guy, it sucks living in fear that someone will torch your home.

Funny thing, I thought I heard gunshots yesterday what with all the sirens going off I just instinctively got on the floor as flat as I could and waited. Turns out it was just ambulances hitting the pothole again. It was quite funny as I breathed a sigh of relief and went on with my daily rituals as I would.

Life's one big ride, one big amusement park ride complete with all the fanfare, prizes, and bad corndogs.