Back In Florida : )

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It's been a while since I've been on here and when I tried recently the site wasn't running, but now I'm back and oh so thankful!

Right after I wrote my last journal I started to feel not so great, and in France we have cold and flu season just like in the United States. It hit me really hard, then got worse. I went to my doctor and was sent right away to the hospital with pneumonia, and was there for almost two weeks. It just kicked my butt!!! I lost 5 kilos of weight (eleven pounds) and am just starting to get my strenght back.

I'm doing better now thankfully, but I missed a lot of school and hopefully I can catch up really fast.

I'm now in Florida on winter holiday through March 7th, and it's great to be somewhere warm and with my American relatives again. While it's great to be here, it's also a reminder than almost another year has gone by without my mother, and the pain is still there. Sometimes I wonder what she'd be like today, and how things would be for my family if she was still alive? Honestly, I don't think I'd be living in France, and I'm not so sure they'd even still be married. As my father always tells me, "She would be so proud of you Matty!" After a good cry at her grave I felt a little bit better.

I guess you just have to keep going, one day at a time.

On a happier note, I spent part of Monday as a (surprise) special guest with my youngest cousin Josh at his school where we had a question and answer session in his social studies class. I really enjoyed that, and loved the huge hug he gave me in front of his friends!

Monday night all of my relatives went out for dinner at a brewpub and we had a great time, just catching up and laughing. My father loves being in the United States because there's not too many types of beer at home, and he was enjoying it! He kept slipping me some too so I was in a even better mood!

I spent Tuesday at the older cousins high school, mostly in French class where the students practiced their French skills on me, and I was asked a lot of good questions. What was really funny was being asked about French American guy have no idea how lucky they are! I'll elaborate on that in a journal sometime soon. What was really weird was having to go through a metal detector before I could check in at the school office, to me that's just really sad.

Tuesday night I went with my oldest cousins to meet some of their (female) friends, and well the girls were VERY interested in me. The girl who lived at the house gave me a tour which included a long visit in her bedroom where she became really good friends with my zizi : )) I slept really well last night for some reason? She made it crystal clear that she wants to spend some more time with me before I leave. I better get some condoms!

My oldest cousin Jackson is gay, but he's involved with girls as a cover, and honestly I don't think he's a gay as he thinks he is. I know that he and my cousin Matt also got their zizi's pleasured because they told me about it on the walk back to their house. They really should invest in some condoms too.

Well, enough for now but I'm glad Oasis is back and thankful to be healthier and back in the United States!

Thanks, Matty


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Good to hear you're ok!

Pneumonia is scary, I've had it a few times and almost died from it as a baby. Glad you're ok and obviously enjoying your time in Florida lol!

Kinda sad that I'm the only person so far to comment on your journal. You're one of the reasons I've decided to write on here.