Comic Con!! Weeee!

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I can't wait to meet Sculley, Princess Lea, Chekov, Prince Humperdink, Captain Picard, Wesley Crusher, and Lando Calrissian! That's right, Comic Con is coming to town!
this year I even have money, so I can get more than one signature, & I'm going (hopefully) w/ my best friend Dagny. Also did I mention Sculley, princess Lea, chekov, Prince Humperdink (PRINCE HUMPERDINK), Captain Picard, Wesley Crusher, and Lando Calrissian??? EEEEEK!!!!!!!!
I LOVE the Emerald City! Our Comic Con rocks! I'm super hyper! Can you tell?!


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I think you might be mis-spelling sculley, if it's who I am thinking it is, but that's awesome. If you happen to see some kids from narrow escape comics, they have a both there. A kid I went to high school with is running it. Sadly, I am not a comic book geek, or nerd of any sort...that clearly showed when I went to their retail store a few weeks back. lol. All I got was a coffee.

I too, love the emerald city, but for other reasons ;)

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I like Carrie Fischer and

I like Carrie Fischer and Patrick Stewart's work on both Family Guy and American Dad. Especially how Patrick Stewart is Susie Swanson's thinking voice. Also LOVE how Angela is VERY unattractive which is opposite of Princess Leia.

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