Fuck, this music is good.

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I've been working along the /mu/ essential dark ambient list:

Here's the full size: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zfMs6NAPbt8/UCdOw20P9GI/AAAAAAAADl4/vxntNBGxYd...

1E, Deep_Frieze by SleepResearch_Facility, is one of the deepest collections of music I have heard in my life. I highly recommend you all engage in this journey as I have begun to. It is going to be a very interesting one for me.


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I click on "1E"...

What's supposed to happen? For me... nothing... no music... Doing something wrong? At least... I tried...

Btw: You say "this music is good." (exclamation omitted... never needed or said it... never written it)

Just wondering: Do you envisage the day ever arriving when someone else may recommend to you a very different style of music to that which you now find so appealing... you will actually "give it a chance" (without pre-formed negative biases)... and... you may actually permit yourself to like it?

Impossible? Probably...

Can you explain why?

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This is just an image, so I think you're meant to locate the music yourself?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Now I know...

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Yeah, that's the point.

These are very rare and hard-to-find albums. The list is designed to make the pilgrim (for lack of a better word) research the albums, and learn the stories behind them. It greatly enhances the experience. One of the most interesting stories is 1F, Calcutta Gas Chamber by John Watermann. Unfortunately, though, I've gotten stuck there and cannot continue until that album is uploaded somewhere, or I pass the interview for a What.CD membership, which I've been studying for.

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What are you talking about?

Half the music I listen to at least was introduced to me by people I know. People at my school are the ones who got me into weird music in the first place, like Merzbow and Depotax. Just last week, someone I know told me to look up the band Nile, which I did and I enjoyed it. Strangers online are responsible for pretty much all the music I know, which is why I go on /mu/ so often. I don't even dislike anything you've linked me to; it just isn't my style. It is possible to have a taste in music that varies from yours.